pros and cons of the electoral college

Comey Testifies Again; Still Says Nothing

On March 20th, I wrote an article about Director Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.  The headline was, “Comey Testifies, Says Nothing”.  Today, he testified as a private citizen before the Senate, and the story is the same.  Once again, James Comey said nothing, and he said it well. (more…)


Discard The Electoral College? Pros and Cons.

While all the votes won’t be counted for a couple of weeks yet (as absentee ballots trickle in), there’s a decent chance that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote while losing in the Electoral College.  This would make her the fifth candidate to have that distinction, the most recent being Al Gore in 2000.

Since the furor over Bush-Gore, there’s been a growing movement aimed at eliminating the Electoral College entirely, and converting the country to a popular vote standard.  (more…)