Arming Teachers: Pros And Cons

One week ago, the House passed a bill designed to prevent school violence, one that would fund programs ranging from increased security to suicide prevention and safety education.  Conspicuously absent from this bill was any provision to arm teachers; there’s a lot of discussion about that, with opinions predictably divided along partisan lines.

As with any other contentious issue, however, it’s not that simple — certainly not as simple as Democrat versus Republican. (more…)


Statement On Shooting Article

I owe you an explanation.

Today’s article was to be a fairly brutal indictment of Congress for failing to address bump stock legislation.  There’s a lot to explore here, and a fair amount (more…)

Reality Check

It’s getting so I hate to turn on the news.  I physically cringe.  Bear with me here.

Here’s a quick recap:  There was a shooting yesterday, a man I think can best be described as a domestic terrorist plinking away at a Congressional charity baseball team at practice.  There was a horrific fire at a London apartment highrise where, apparently, the sprinklers malfunctioned and dozens of people were killed.  (It’s been called “corporate manslaughter”.)  Congress approved a multibillion dollar arms sale to Qatar, a nation presently (more…)

On Banning Assault Rifles

Before you ask:  No, I’m not making a specific comment about the President’s recent executive orders about weapons sales.  I’ve been trying to find out more about the details and I’ve been having very little luck; the text at is still imprecise.  We’ll probably have to wait until the State of the Union next week to get the complete (more…)