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The Not Fake News Update, 12 Jan 20

And, because we’ve already “broken the seal”, as Brittany might say, here’s The Not Fake News Update for 12 January 2020 — a Sunday, no less.

All the things you haven’t heard about:

– Protests in Haiti are starting up again after the holidays. You might not have heard about them before the holidays; that’s because they’ve been going on for years. I blame the United States, and specifically Bill Clinton. (more…)

The Not Fake News Update, 04 Jan 20

It’s the Not Fake News Update, 04 January 2020:
More Things You May Have Missed.
I’m your Not Fake News reporter, and this…. is 2020.  (I’ve been waiting all year to say that.)

– In retaliation for multiple attacks on Americans, a U.S. drone strike killed an Iranian general and (arguably) terrorist. In reply, Iran shouts “Death To America” again — but this time they might mean it.

– Australian bushfire season has passed the acreage burned last year by 27%, and there’s still months yet to go. On the plus side, the land already burned (more…)

The Not Fake News Update, 02 Dec 2019

The Not Fake News Update, 02 December 2019:

– Iran protests over a gas price hike are the worst since the rise of the Ayatollah.

– Iraq is likewise beset by civil disorder; their P.M. resigned over the weekend due to corruption allegations and probably won’t be replaced any time soon. Bolivia and Venezuela have calmed down; Hong Kong is simmering. Uruguay, on the other hand, seems to be experiencing a peaceful transition of power following recent elections.

– China, as expected, has moved to halt trade talks (more…)

The Not Fake News Update, 20 Nov 2019

The second Not Fake News update so far this week:  Pay attention, people; it’s “Take Out The Trash Day”. All sorts of things are happening while you’re watching the

Fabulous Impeachment Show and Flea Circus Extravaganza.

– Congress has just passed a Continuing Resolution timed so the country will be ready for a budget debate mere moments before the Iowa Caucuses.

– While the House is completely tied up with impeachment, the Senate unanimously passed a Chinese trade bill designed to protect Hong Kong on the verge of the White House finalizing its own trade (more…)

The Not Fake News Update, 18 Nov 2019

Here’s your update on Things You Missed While Watching The Not News Show, compiled faithfully by all of us here the Not Fake News.

– Venice is sinking. No, this isn’t news; yes, it’s been sinking for centuries; yes, that’s part of the plot of “The Italian Job”; yes, that’s what you get for living in a swamp on the coast. On the other hand, it _is_ sinking rather faster (more…)

The Not Fake News Update: 12 Nov 2019

The Not Fake News Update:
What you might have missed while impeachment is stealing the headlines…

– Wildfire season in California is right on schedule. Previous years were due to untended brushlands and the elimination of systems of seasonal lakes like Tulare Lake; this year, we’re told it’s climate change combined with an evil corporation. Meanwhile, the Trump White House has decided to cut California’s disaster funding while continuing to chip away at the Waters of the US policy that protects, among other things, seasonal lakes. Rolling blackouts (more…)