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If ever I run for office, one of my catch phrases will be, “Of course I’ll take bribes!  I gladly accept cash.  What I won’t do is anything in exchange.”

(This isn’t strictly legal (except in Puerto Rico).  I don’t advise any candidate to adopt this philosophy.)

How can I help support what you do? you ask.  Glad you did; it speaks well of you.

Well, the first thing is, share my posts.  Link to them on Facebook; tweet them; talk about them.  I rarely submit outside a small circle, but if any of these goes viral I’ll be delighted.  If you think something I wrote deserves to be in wider circulation, feel free to email the link to an editor.  I do a fair amount of self-promotion, but there’s something compelling about sincere praise coming from an ardent fan; the soul of even a New York editor might be touched.  (Well, maybe not a New York editor…)

If you want to get in touch with me to donate, I’m glad to accept it.  I’m not a charity, but nobody’s paying me to keep this site up either.  We accept PayPal at: — Don’t forget the “The” at the beginning, and don’t bother to send normal emails there unless you’re a very patient person.

You can make painless donations through the Buy Me A Coffee website; that’s here.
Buy Me A Coffee

If enough people kick in money, I’ll be able to pay to take the site ad-free; with more donations, I’ll be able to write more than one or two days a week.  Eventually, we might wean me off my steady diet of ramen noodles, but I’m aiming low for right now.

Even if you don’t care to give me money (You cheapskate!) feel free to Follow.
@Gnerphk at Twitter

My Uber code is johns110603ue — Use it.  Gets me free rides.

My Planets Nu signup code is 13963.  If you ever want to try the game out, sign up using my code.

Side note:  There isn’t enough money or interest right now to formally reprint “Collapse”, but if enough people get in touch I’m willing to consider a small private print run on a subscription basis.  I’ve recovered the rights and there may even be some new content.

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