Month: October 2018

Is It Voter Fraud — Or Suppression?

There’s a curious debate going on in this country, and I’m here to settle it.

Republicans are worried about voter fraud.  Democrats are worried about voter suppression.  Both topics are all through the news right now, and they’ll continue to be trumpeted through the election.  If we asked them, most people would say that at least one of these subjects ought to be a matter of blazing headlines, followed by investigations, prosecutions, and convictions.

They say a lot of people in this country don’t vote.  I’d say that, for non-voters, we Americans take the subject pretty seriously. (more…)


Down These Mean Aisles

Everyone makes mistakes.

I take my job pretty seriously, but even so, I’ll get distracted sometimes.  This time, we lucked out; the kid must have slipped, and I heard the distinctive sound of coins on metal.  The cash box!  Time to go earn my pay. (more…)